👋 I’m Björn Rave.

I learned programming because I wanted to created a mobile game. I started learning to use Unity and to program in C#. However back then I was mostly focussed on making anything work and not so much about writing maintainable code (something which has changed by now ;) ).

After fine tuning the game for some time and trying to get people to download your app, I eventually gave up and looked elsewhere. I started an extensive online web development bootcamp and this time tried to build a cryptocurrency platform, where you could see the prices and everything, but also vote on how you think the price will develop (A feature coinmarketcap added eventually).

I kept learning all the relevant things to develop a web application for ~3/4 year, did some more smaller projects and eventually got my first job as a fullstack developer at Hosco in Barcelona☀️.

Today, I work as a freelance software developer for different companies and in different projects. Currently I am developing a platform to manage COVID testing stations, analyzing the results of a PCR test and everything that comes with that.