Things I’ve made trying to put my dent in the universe.

These are the different smaller and bigger projects I worked on over the years.

Commissioned projects

  • WES Energy

    I created an internal tool used for the management of different regenerative energy production plants.(Wind,Solar,Biogas)

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  • Healyzer

    A B2B service allowing companies to easily test for COVID with PCR tests.

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  • Corona Freepass - Hamburg Access Technologies HAT GmbH

    A booking platform for COVID tests, used by testing stations all over germany, as well as a management tool for the whole process of testing people for COVID.

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  • Adalab - Landing page for AI Startup

    I created a landing page for Adalab, newly founded AI-focussed startup from Hamburg

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  • 10fastfingers

    I worked on the next version for on of the most popular typing test/speed websites

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  • Mental Royale

    A browser game, where you need to solve simple arithmetic tasks against other people.

  • McMaster University

    I worked for the medical faculty of this Canadian university on different projects. On the one hand side different websites for medical assessments and on the other side a compendium for scientific papers related to this faculty.

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Own creations

  • Speakeroo

    Speakeroo is a service to convert blog posts into podcasts.

  • Inventhora

    Inventhora is an inventory management system as a service.

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  • Plezzles

    Plezzles is a platform for people to share and find their unique spots in their neighborhood or from their hiking trip. It is also a way to find whats going on around them through events and communities

  • CrowdVoteCrypto

    I build a price analysis tracking website for cryptocurrencies from scratch. It offers various crowdsourcing features, like a vote system, to estimate the price of a specific crypto-coin. Also you have a group chat for every coin and you can assign voteable tags to each coin

  • Splitterz - Mobile game for Android created with Unity3D

    Splitterz is a little mobile game created with Unity3D and C# and published on the Google Play Store. The goal is to fill the board with color by placing the slicer and avoiding the enemies.